Hi TJ, after a few weeks of experimenting and finding the right formula, Mojo has come through for me.  

No "payment" for enjoying a product, which is rare.  Thanks for whatever you did to bring this wonderful product into our lives.


TC in Dripping Springs


  Finally.  A coffee substitute that satisfies in every way.  Mojo has a rich, robust flavor that does not disappoint.  Drinking it black or with half-and-half is equally tasty and satisfying.  No stomach acid, no jitters, just full flavor and nutrition!  Who would have thought all those qualities could be offered in one java substitute.  Thank you TJ for doing your part to improve our lifestyle.




          That was Super!  First time I felt No Need for cream or sugar.  Thank You!


Aloha !  Jane

          My goodness what an excellent cup of tea ! I love it! Thank you for sharing with me! I’m having a cup right now! Thank you again my friend.


Hi TJ. Thank you for the follow up. Yes. I preferred the dark roast. It is one of the best coffee substitutes that I've tried, at least in my opinion. I will definitely recommend it to people. Is it available in any of the Austin stores?


Whole Foods Downtown, Bee cave, and Arbors

Valerie Almogabar    Whole Foods Montrose     SMOKEHOUSE supervisor

          Good Morning!  Can you please tell me where I can purchase this in Houston, TX.  We love this product.  Thanks!


          Hello,  I tasted your Mayan Mojo sample at the Whole Foods on Bellaire Blvd and I really liked it even though I do not drink coffee.

          I would like to know if it can be brewed with a French Press, because I do not have a coffee machine.  If so, do you have any recommendations for brew instructions?  Thanks.


Jessica Brooke

         Warmest greetings from Austin/San Antonio!  I was perusing your website after purchasing Mojo at WF today and was pleasantly suprised to learn that you are in Texas also.  Just one of many serendipities, so I thought I'd  give you a ring.  My husband Tim and I, Jessica (TJ... see? Open-mouth smile) moved to an island in the Carribean of Panama July 2009, where we own 30 acres of rainforest and bayfront tierra.  I am in Texas right now while Tim is down there participating in the building of our home.  My big project right now is planning our permaculture/symbiotic/ultra sustainable life/land/gardens.  No small project, lemme tell ya.  So, I constantly have my eye out for anything I can grow there that is going to be beneficial to the land and all on it as well as be non-invasive (the criteria is many).  I happened to be at WF today and at the last minute thought I'd look at the chicory coffee sub, and found Mojo.  Of course, since it's a rainforest/ Central American product I just had to buy some to try.  It's spectacular.  Love, love, love it.  Well done and kudos.  May I PLEASE purchase some whole raw seeds from you so that we may be graced by it's presence for many years to come within our sanctuary?  I would be very grateful.


Linda Rodino

         Mr. Linton, I’ve just ordered my first package of your coffee.  I would prefer to purchase it locally but acknowledge that’s a challenge since we live in the ‘country’.  We live 10 miles north of Brownsville, 20 miles west of South Padre Island, and 25 miles east of Harlingen.  Can you give me a store or two in our area?  Too bad – no Whole Foods!  Thanks very much.  My nutrition doctor highly recommends your product and I’m anxious to try it.


Hi TJ,
Nice meeting you at Whole Foods in Plano this weekend.  I'm sitting here
drinking my Mayan Mojo with a little cinnamon and doing a little research on
the breadnut.   I'm looking forward to experiencing more of this amazing little nut and play around with adding it
to my cooking.  I'm thinking of adding it to some tortillas to boost the nutritional value.

I only have one concern and that is this amount of carbs although my
thoughts are leaning towards the idea that these are probably on the "good"
carb side.

Have a great week.  Blessings.



I have received the package and had a taste of the product, it's really
good.  I will be ordering more soon.  Thank you.

Ricki Lascody

I just wanted to let you know how much I like the French roast product!  I was picking up some Teccino and noticed your product next to it at Whole Foods in Plano, TX (the packaging caught my eye since our family enjoys Mayan history).   I was wondering if the breadnut is considered an acidic or alkaline drink?  Teccino talks about that on their product and I’m trying to avoid a lot of acidic foods for health reasons.  Also, do you have any references about the breadnut related to lactation?  I’m a breastfeeding counselor so that little history comment caught my eye – but I’d love more info.  I posted a link to your site on my Facebook account to help spread awareness of your tasty, healthy product!


McKinney TX

LeeAnn February 9. 2006

Hi, My name is LeeAnn. I was in the market for a coffee alternative when I came across Mayan Café de Mojo on the grocery store shelf. Since I consider myself a coffee connoisseur, I was very concerned about giving up the taste of the coffee bean but I was pleasantly surprised by the taste of Mayan Café de Mojo.

Nancy November 19, 2005

Dear Tommy Linton,

I was at Whole Foods today to get some medicine for allergies and tried your Mojo. By the time I came home my nose had cleared and I felt stupid about going to Whole Foods in the first place. I told my best friend about this item and we sat down and had a cup. He loved it and was excited it did not have caffeine. I read the brocure and found out that it helps with allergies and I agree.

If you decide to send out coupons I would be interested. I have decided this is one of my new favorite products.

Hey, Thank the guy with the neat hat, he made my allergies go away and it was bad.

I am telling the secret of Mojo, hope you don't mind!


Ruth November 16, 2005


I've been concocting a formula using your product; chicory and ground raw chocolate to substitute the regular cup -o- joe. It's a super blend and I should like to purchase more MOJO, but would like to know what health food stores in the San Francisco bay area in Calif carries your product?I'm currently, on loan, using the gourmet blend and would like to know how the french roast compares in taste? I like the bitterness of the gourmet as it tricks me into thinking I'm ingesting the real thing with the addition of the ingredients that I use.

I'd appreciate any info.



Michele November 13, 2005

My name is Michele and I live in Leander, TX. I had the opportunity to go to San Antonia and visit the Whole Foods there. I ran into a gentleman selling mojo and I loved it. I am an avid coffee drinker that currently has been trying to break the coffee habit. I have tried numerous substitutes but found them less than appetizing. I am sold on Cafe de Mojo. I only wish you sold it closer to where I live, or work. Since I work in Burnet, it is hard to get to Austin. My time off is kept very short. Is there anywhere else that I can purchase it? I see the web price is much higher than what I paid for it in Whole Foods. Do you sell it anywhere else by chance?


Claudia April 20, 2001

Hello: My name is Claudia I am from México City and I have tree breast feded children but recently I went to Nayarit in my way to Puerto Vallarta , and found a town called "Capomo" that has the same name of a miraculus cofee that and anciant lady gaved me once a long long time ago but it helped me a lot with my milk production for my baby , and recently I found out that this town is named after a tree, I dont now if somebody could do some sesearch about it , because its really miraculus, and it will be a pitty to lost it because the people here dont think of it but only as a plage and they are cutting all of them out.

Cshelz1 February 07, 2001

In response to where I purchased the MOJO, it was at Sun Harvest in Austin, Texas. I truly enjoy it and have had let my friends try it and they went out and bought some of it, too!

Where else in Austin do you sell this? I would love it to be sold at Albertsons and HEB in Oak Hill. It would be more convenient for me to buy more.

Cshelz1 January 30, 2001

I love your MOJO! How many carbohydrates are in one cup of Mojo?