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Maya Breadnut Flour Product Information

What is....

MAYA BREADNUT TM is a Macadamia-sized nut produced by a huge rainforest tree that is very common in the forests of Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize. We are proud to offer you this ancient nutmeal that is 100% digestible for use in all your favorite recipes that call for flour, nuts, seeds, wheat germ, or oats.


MAYA BREADNUT TM contains protein, is fat free, gluten free and 100% digestible. It is the only grain, seed, or nut to contain the potent antioxidant, vitamin C, and is also high in calcium for growing bones. One cup of cooked Breadnut contains 20 grams of protein, which is 47% of the RDA for a 130 lb. person.


For millenia the seeds of the Maya breadnut tree, "Iximche", were the staple food of the greatest civilizations the earth has ever known. The "nutmeal" made from this towering rainforest giant nourished an empire that extended its influence from South America and throughout the Caribbean. Its complete "soy-equivalent" protein and extraordinarily high levels of vitamin C, B-vitamins, and calcium made it an ideal food for such a race of philosopher kings, scientists, mathematicians, and astronomers whose achievements and Iximche-covered temple continue to astonish the modern world.

Recently rediscovered by the outside world, this secret, sacred food of the Maya, still eaten in the rainforests of Central America by the Itza international team of indigenous people, rain forest researchers, ecologists, philanthropists, and of course, TJ Enterprises, the only distributor of Breadnut in the world!

Maya Breadnut comes from drought tolerant rainforest trees that don't waste water, have never and will never see pesticides or commercial fertilizers, and will not fall to the axe or the plough, to make way for inferior foods like corn, wheat, rice or pasture grass or soy (the number one cause of deforestation in many places today!). The seeds are gathered from the forest floor as they have been for thousands of years, in a healthy sustainable fashion to bring you the highest quality product possible while guaranteeing a good income to the tree-farmers and ensuring the safety of the forest in which the flour is grown.

Before you buy this unique product know this: we have joined forces with so many people from so many disciplines, from business to academia, not just to bring you one of the most nutritious and delicious "tree-cereals" the world has ever known, but to provide real solutions to rural poverty, malnutrition and the deforestation crisis threatening our earth, our people, and our wildlife. Endorsed by Mundo Iximche, the non-profit sustainable development organization created by scientists from the University of California, Los Angeles, you can rest assured that every time you purchase Maya Breadnut products that your money is IMMEDIATELY doing good for the rainforests and its people. Now doesn't THAT feel good!

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